Becoming a Disciplined Leader

All great leaders have understood that their number one responsibility is cultivating their own discipline and personal growth. Those who cannot lead themselves cannot lead others.

Here’s what I call the START plan for becoming a disciplined leader:

* START ON YOURSELF - We’d all rather focus on changing everyone else to conform to us. The only problem with that is we end up with an organization full of people who reflect our weaknesses!

* START EARLY – I’m grateful for parents who taught me the value of a disciplined lifestyle early on.

* START SMALL - A simple plan will more likely bear fruit than anything elaborate will. Remember the value of small things, consistently practiced over time, in transforming a life.

* START NOW - The will to prepare is more important than the will to succeed. The dream to succeed, apart from the will to prepare, is simply wishful thinking.

* START ORGANIZED - Those who take time to organize have a special power. Organizational skills allow for the possibility of gaining stamina and momentum as your successes build. You gain a reputation as the person who always follows through.

Now that you’ve started down the road of self-evaluation, receiving constructive criticism, and self-discipline, you’re ready to determine where you are as an effective leader.

“Start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got.”—Jim Rohn


Taken from: Jim Rohn Newsletter

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